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The Defend Your Head (“DYH”) Heroes Program is a special partnership providing Heroes the opportunity to supply DYH ProTech’s patented and proven force-reducing head protection helmet covers to their chosen program.

Heroes are:

  • actively helping advance player safety by providing a deserving youth or high school football program with ProTech helmet covers
  • Current and former football players at any level
  • Parents of current or former football players
  • Philanthropic individuals or businesses
  • Foundations focused on improving safety for youth and high school football players

“On the field playing high school football is where my love of the game truly developed. It's so important as professional players to support these football programs and be part of initiatives that keep young players safe. I'm so excited to join Defend Your Head's "High School Hero" program to bring better head safety to high school football.”

Zach Ertz, TEPhiladelphia Eagles


Concussion and Long term effects of repetitive impacts with many sub-concussive blows going unnoticed.

Most of the industry’s head protection efforts focus on reducing the number of concussions. Players suffering from concussions typically show symptoms and are removed from the game.

However, a growing body of research suggests repetitive sub concussive events can be as harmful as injuries sustained from “big concussive hits”, which are more easily diagnosed.

ProTech SAFR Technology addresses both, however with schools’ athletic budgets being cut across the country, safety is not being made a priortiy.


Protech: Patented Soft-shell force reduction technology that complements existing helmet models

Absorbs and dissipates energy
Reduces linear and rotational acceleration
Redirects collision force with an innovative spring-loaded attachment system

With the help of our Heroes, schools and youth sports organizations will be given the gift of safety for their athletes.

Our Heroes

Philadelphia Eagles

Zach Ertz

Zach Ertz is providing ProTechs to Kensington High School in Philadelphia, PA.

Zach Ertz, a Pro Bowl tight end for the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles, scored the winning touchdown in the 2017-18 Super Bowl. In addition to his success on the field, Zach and his wife Julie Ertz, a highly decorated defender for the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team started the Ertz Family Foundation to improve the lives of those living in Northern California and Philadelphia. Zach's donation of ProTechs will benefit Kensington High School.
Former NFL Linebacker

Carlos Bradley

Carlos Bradley is providing ProTechs to Mastery Charter School in Philadelphia, PA.

Carlos Bradley is a Philadelphia native and former NFL Linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles and Sand Diego Chargers. Carlos' donation of ProTechs will benefit the Mastery Charter School in Philadelphia, PA.

“The likelihood of even one high school player making it to the NFL is pretty slim,” said Bradley. “So there’s nothing more important than keeping Mastery Charter kids and their brains safe from injury.”

Elite Football Programs are Using ProTech

Become a Hero in Your Community

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